Monday, October 12, 2015

Knitting post

With me getting fired I have had time on my hands. I am not rushing into any job because I am tired of the deadend job thing. So I let the creative part of me go to town. And my thinking is that the right stuff will be worn to a future job. This post is gonna be about what I have been working on. I wont show you everything because I am also working on my Christmas knitting. My gifts mostly are handmade and to get something you have to be special. This year my list is long but I am getting there. And let me say this with all that has gone on if you dont get anything my list is long dont take offense to it 

What you see the side of this is my Halloween sock. The yarn shop I got it from claims the color is Halloween. But in looking at it while I love the colors I dont think they are very Halloweeny. I could see myself wearing them in the middle of winter. And yes the green is that bright. Today I started the 2nd sock and I tried to see if I can get them to match. I think it is close but not perfect. I guess only time will tell. I do pretty good with getting the stripe socks to match and I was told that is a family trait. Eye balling is something my Mom can do. Its fun to see if they match. 

I also have been playing with dish cloth patterns. This is one I completed in a day. Occasionally I work on dish cloths because its knitting and eventually they likely become gifts. I also like working with the pretty colors. This pattern is called Grandma's favorite. A pattern that has been around forever it seems. People come out with their own versions and this one the difference is there is a middle section. What you have is a way if you want to go a towel length. I like the pattern and I am likely gonna work on more. 

Last but not least is my attempt to an evening shawl.  I dont have an updated picture but this is gonna be a shawl that I can wear for maybe New Years Eve etc. I want to knit a few shawls because I tell ya they are nice to have on a cool night or in the summer when you go out to dinner and you have air conditioning going. I love this shawl so far the colors are so cool. 

My knitting keeps me sane. And I think what I like the most is its one thing in my life I can control. I have been told that I could sell the stuff but I cant put a price on something I make. I was looking on a website and someone was selling socks for $40. Umm yeah I wouldnt do that to anyone. I guess that is it for now. Talk to you all later 


Sunday, October 4, 2015

New beginnings

We live in a world that social media is all the norm. Its facebook, instagram, tumblr, etc etc. I had a presence on the web. I even had a webpage that the first version of it was where I did learn html. I wanted to see if I could learn html and I did it. Looking back on it the page was ugly but I did it. I had several webpages and a blog but with one thing or another the blog got left behind. Now with changes of my life including losing my dad this year and even my job it is time to start up this blog stuff again.
I am calling this blog Yvonne's world. What you will see on here is my crafting, a vent or 2, news worthy stuff with maybe a question answered etc. This is my page so I am gonna see where it takes me. Maybe this is what I am in need of. I will see how far this goes. 
On with the blog.