Sunday, October 4, 2015

New beginnings

We live in a world that social media is all the norm. Its facebook, instagram, tumblr, etc etc. I had a presence on the web. I even had a webpage that the first version of it was where I did learn html. I wanted to see if I could learn html and I did it. Looking back on it the page was ugly but I did it. I had several webpages and a blog but with one thing or another the blog got left behind. Now with changes of my life including losing my dad this year and even my job it is time to start up this blog stuff again.
I am calling this blog Yvonne's world. What you will see on here is my crafting, a vent or 2, news worthy stuff with maybe a question answered etc. This is my page so I am gonna see where it takes me. Maybe this is what I am in need of. I will see how far this goes. 
On with the blog. 

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